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Perception Spheres

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TickiT® Perception Spheres are great for sensory play and come in eight different clear colours with a smooth tactile surface.

Younger children will enjoy exploring the feel and shape of the spheres or adding them to a treasure basket collection.

Older children can use them to experience the world around them in tinted colours and in weird and wonderful new angles. Discuss with your child their perception of their environment as light passes through the sphere to create different angles.

Enhance their vocabulary by talking about reflection and refraction of light. Combining spheres together creates new colours and hues; whilst using them with a Light Panel will further enhance the sensory experience of light and colour mixing.

Practical Pre-School Awards 2015
"Our children loved them! Frozen in water play or in trays with objects to look at through them - our children have enjoyed playing with them. They are a good investment for a childcare setting. Our children loved looking through them and then rolling them. Excellent for a child with SEN."

Set includes: 8 spheres and user guide.
Size: 5cm diameter.
Age: Suitable for all ages.
Product Code: 72604

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