Beautiful smooth solid beechwood loose parts in the seven colours of the rainbow, with a natural finish to show the grain of the wood.


Ideal for creating imaginative scenes, developing construction skills, counting and sorting, stacking and sequencing, pattern-making and learning about colour. The range matches our Rainbow Architect sets and can be included in any loose parts collection or mixed and matched with our wooden heuristic play resources.


73979  Rainbow Wooden Super Set  - Pk84  (7 of each shape and size in a cotton drawstring bag)

73975  Rainbow Wooden Spools, 35mm dia. - Pk21

73977  Rainbow Wooden Rings, 48mm, 56mm & 70mm dia. - Pk21

73989  Rainbow Wooden Cubes, 40mm & 50mm - Pk14

73981  Rainbow Wooden Figures, 100mm - Pk7

73983  Rainbow Wooden Bowls, 92mm dia. - Pk7

73985  Rainbow Wooden Semispheres, 40mm dia. - Pk21

73991  Rainbow Wooden Balls, 50mm dia. - Pk14

73995  Rainbow Wooden Spinning Tops, 40mm dia. - Pk14

73997  Rainbow Wooden Discs, 60mmm dia. - Pk14


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