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Easter Gift Guide - TickiT

Easter Gift Guide

We have everything you need for an eggcellent play-filled Easter here at TickiT HQ. 

New at TickiT HQ, our Beechwood Eggs come as a pack of ten. These beautiful solid and tactile wooden eggs make a perfect addition to treasure baskets, loose parts play collections and imaginary and role play set ups. Their natural simplicity makes them the perfect open-ended play resource.

Wooden Eggs

They can be used to create Easter Scavenger hunts instead of using chocolate and make a wonderful base for Easter craft activities. Why not try creating your own design with non-toxic water-based paints or dying them with food colouring or food items such as beetroot, spinach and turmeric. Once dry, glue dried flowers, petals or eco-friendly glitter to each egg to make lovely, personalised Easter gifts.

TickiT Easter Play Ideas
TickiT Easter Play Ideas
TickiT Easter Play IdeasTickiT Easter Play Ideas

Our Beechwod Eggs can also be used to support early science projects around the natural world and inspire conversations about which animals lay eggs and the differences between birds, reptiles, amphibians and animals. Why not combine them with our Forest Animal Blocks for further play opportunities.    

TickiT Easter Play Ideas

Our Beechwood Egg Cups complement our Beechwood Eggs perfectly and come as a set of ten in plain natural wood. Our Beechwood and Rainbow Wooden Eggs have been designed to sit within these so that young children can practise their fine motor skills and incorporate them into their imaginary and role play games. They can also be used to scoop and separate loose parts and dry sensory messy play materials such as rice, lentils and sand. This activity is perfect for practising hand-eye coordination through play. Use them to explore early maths concepts by asking children to put 2, 3 or 4 eggs into egg cups and seeing how many are left. What about filling every egg cup with an egg then taking away 4, how many empty egg cups are you left with?

Beechwood Egg Cups

The natural wooden finish of our  Beechwood Eggs and Beechwood Egg Cups means there is no perceived correct order to play with these. They do not need to be colour matched or placed in a particular pattern making them completely open-ended and ideal for children who can find brightly coloured toys overwhelming.

TickiT Wooden Eggs

Our Rainbow Wooden Eggs and Rainbow Wooden Egg Cups are made from solid wood and come in the seven colours of the rainbow with a natural woodgrain finish. These are perfect for colour matching games and coordinate with our other rainbow wooden items for extended play. Why not try adding these eggs to your Wooden Rainbow Superset and incorporating them into your Architect building challenges.  

TickiT Rainbow Wooden Eggs

These sets combined can be used for fun and active Easter themed colour matching games, for example place the Rainbow Wooden Egg Cups in the middle of a room or outdoor space and hide the Rainbow Wooden Eggs. Children can then hunt the eggs and place the eggs in the corresponding egg cups- the perfect Easter egg hunt that can be played again and again!

TickiT Rainbow Wooden Egg Cups

Our TickiT Colour Match Eggs perfect for developing early maths skills and improving fine motor skills and would make an ideal easter gift instead of the traditional chocolate easter egg. This vibrant, fun set of twelve plain white eggs come in a green plastic egg box. When the eggs are pulled apart, they reveal brightly coloured number centres and each egg contains a different coloured yolk and a number from 1 to 12. Each egg half has pegs or holes to match its number, allowing them to fit together perfectly with their corresponding half. 

TickiT Colour Match Eggs


Our TickiT Wooden Treasures come as a complete Super Set, Starter Set and Taster Set, and can also be purchased separately to build a collection over time. The Egglet would make a lovely Easter gift and an ideal introduction to creating a TickiT Wooden Treasures collection.

Egglet Wooden Treasure

Why not combine with our Rainbow Wooden Bowls for a simple sorting game. You can then build up your Wooden Treasures collection by buying separate shape sets for Christmas and birthdays.

Find out more about our TickiT Wooden Treasures here.

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