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Fostering curiosity through play

Fostering curiosity through play

Allowing children to explore, experiment and learn through play via a curiosity approach sets a foundation for their self-development. Ordinary items can sometimes produce the most interesting reactions! For example, a simple wooden disc can be used in so many ways: holding, rolling, spinning, making wobbly stacks, colour matching and even for creating multiple small world play scenes. Products that foster curiosity, encourage questions, and help children to explore their properties and effects will always have a place in the toy box. In this blog we will reveal our five top tips for fostering curiosity through play…

Tip 1: Provide Open-Ended Toys:

Choose toys and materials that encourage open-ended play and allow for multiple interpretations and outcomes. At tickit, many of our toys are designed with flexible play in mind. This means they can be played with repeatedly in different ways, and even used by siblings of different ages who may be engaging and learning at different levels. Being engaged in imaginative and open-ended play allows children to represent their own ideas, thoughts and feelings through a wide range of activities. They can invent their own stories and scenarios in small world play, start to make-believe by being involved in role play, express themselves through music or dance, or use open-ended resources to be creative in their own ways.

Tip 2: Follow Their Lead:

Observe your child's interests and passions, and tailor their play environment accordingly. For example, if they show a fascination with dinosaurs, provide books, toys, and activities related to palaeontology. By following their lead, you can keep their curiosity for learning alive and thriving.

Tip 3: Encourage Exploration:

Create a safe and stimulating environment where children are free to explore and experiment. Allow them to get messy, take risks, and make mistakes in a safe manner. These experiences are essential for learning, growth, and development.

Tip 4: Engage in Play Together:

Play is not just for children; adults can participate too! Get involved and join in with your child's games. This not only strengthens your bond but also shows them that you value their interests and enjoy spending time with them… who knows, you may really enjoy their open-ended small world play scenes!

Tip 5: Celebrate Curiosity:

Praise and encourage your child's curiosity. Celebrate their questions, discoveries, and achievements, no matter how small. By fostering a positive attitude towards curiosity, you'll inspire them to continue exploring and learning throughout their lives.

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