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Humphrey the tickit elephant

How Humphrey found his name…the tale of the tickit elephant.

It’s a fun, but by no means easy life being a mascot, especially when you are this cute…
tickit elephant

This is the tale of the tickit elephant, who after three years of waiting finally found his name!

This not-so-little elephant is a giant replica of the wooden elephant from our flagship tickit Wooden Animal Friends set.

tickit Wooden Animal Friends

With such beautiful features like his squishy wood-grain body and faux leather details, the tickit elephant found it impossible to walk from one end of an exhibition hall to another. He was always stopped and admired, and he didn’t mind - he loved meeting new people! However when the inevitable question came…What is your name? The tickit elephant would not know what to say...for he had no name 😥

And so came the International Toy Fair 2024 in Nuremberg. With excitement brewing in his giant wooden belly, the tickit elephant set off for another fun-filled year at the show. He was busy preparing to walk the halls, greeting all the tickit fans and pointing them in the right direction so they could meet the team and explore our products up close.

The tickit Elephant

The tickit elephant got straight to work. The stand was busy with excited customers and new contacts, and the tickit sales team were delighted to showcase the new for 2024 range as well as the best-selling items.

tickit Education

tickit education

The dark den with port holes along one side proved very popular and everyone loved the immersive sensory experience it provided.

tickit dark dentickit dark den

The front counter, crammed full of imaginative play resources set up to replicate real-life play scenes, grabbed everyone’s attention. Passers-by could not help but stop and handle all the curious and delightful wonders tickit has to offer.

tickit education

It was only day one and the exhilarating atmosphere was contagious.

But still the tickit elephant had no name…

Then, one of our bright sparks came up with a great idea 💡

the tickit ElephantThis is Ray, our Chief Research and Development Officer and now in charge of all good ideas forevermore.

He suggested we ask our wonderful Instagram community for their suggestions, and Tim our Chairman (and toy expert) could choose from the suggestions.

We put the question to our Instagram family and a flurry of wonderful names came in. From EleFantastik to Peanut, and Ollie to Witty Wooden Elephant - we were overwhelmed by your great ideas, and it made for a very tough decision. 

After much deliberation Humphrey was chosen and our friendly elephant finally had a name! 


Now Humphrey could walk the exhibitions halls with his head held high...and now he has a name he also wants his own business cards! 

 tickit Educational Toys

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