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Our Top educational toys for Christmas 2023

Our Top educational toys for Christmas 2023

Beautiful gifts designed to ignite the imagination, inspire learning through play and open a world of creative learning opportunities for Christmas and beyond.


Rainbow Wooden Community People
Twist, turn, build and rebuild. These peg dolls allow you to create your own character while improving fine motor skills through play. They come in a cotton drawstring bag making them perfect for play on the go and can be stored safely away. They are fantastic for small world play, starting conversations around different ethnicities and family set ups, and for use as a fidget toy to keep small hands busy and relieve stress.

Seasonal Woodland Trees
Fall in love with our beautiful Wooden Seasonal Trees! They are solid, smooth and tactile making an ideal present for children from 10 months. They are perfect for small world play scene settings and for developing an early understanding of seasonal changes in nature. Why not take them on your Boxing Day walk and see if you can colour match any natural items with the trees? These tree figures are so compelling you will want them as part of your Christmas decorations!

Wooden Solar System Discs
Whether you are buying for an existing space enthusiast or a child new to the topic, we can guarantee they will be delighted with our Wooden Solar System Discs! Each of the 11 wooden discs has a photographic image printed on one side and key facts on the other, such as name, diameter, temperature and distance from the sun. Each disc can be strung up to make fun educational displays and the set also comes with an A3 poster. Again, these come in a cotton storage bag making them easy to store and take out with you.

Rainbow Wooden Shape Stacker
This beautiful, layered puzzle will captivate children and adults alike. It sits neatly together and comes apart to reveal natural wooden shapes within each layer. It can only be put back together in a certain way providing hours of entertainment. Not only is this a fascinating family game, but the separate layers can also be used as play dough molds, stencils and bases for colour matching games and small world play. The solid natural wooden shapes are perfect for early maths games and shape recognition. You can also draw around them, use as stamps with play dough and clay, and in small world play.
Gem Cube sets 
New for 2023, our Gem Cube Sets are sure to delight this Christmas. They come as a perfect stocking filler set of ten, or a large set of 100 in a compact mirror tray. These are the ultimate sensory and educational Christmas gift, guaranteed to be played with for years to come. Use the tactile and smooth gem cubes for sensory play – listen to them gently clatter together as they are rolled or stacked, feel them go warm in your hand and cool when put down, and hold against a window or place on a light panel and watch the colours come alive! The cubes can be stacked and held together for colour mixing and matching activities and the big set makes a brilliant 100 frame for active maths games.
Sensory Block Set
These are one of our best-selling products for a reason! They make an ideal Christmas present as they will provide play and learning opportunities from 12 months. To begin with, children will love exploring the different sensory inserts in each of the chunky blocks. They are filled with beads, sand, coloured glittery liquid or are coloured translucent panel to provide different sensory experiences. As children grow, these blocks make the perfect first building blocks: they are robust, enticing to handle and will help improve fine motor skills and concentration through play. Later, they make a wonderful addition to any small world play scene - add them to train tracks, roads, makes houses, rock walls and cliffs - the play opportunities are limited only by your imagination! This set of 16 wooden blocks comes in 4 different shapes (square, rectangle, triangle, and semicircle) making them an ideal early maths and shape recognition resource.

Easy Hold Glitter Panels
It’s not Christmas without glitter and our Easy Hold Glitter Panels provide all the sensory delights glitter has to offer, without any of the cleaning up! Easy for small hands to hold, twist and turn, these panels glimmer and shine as the glitter within them cascades down and falls in mesmerising patterns. They are beautiful held in natural light but also against twinkling Christmas lights for added magic!

Rainbow Glitter Letters and Numbers
These captivating glitter number and letter sets make the ideal Christmas stocking filler! They come in the seven colours of the rainbow and are perfect for early letter and number recognition games. They can be used as stencils, strung up in displays and for active learning activities. Why not bury the letters in sand, gel or shredded paper and ask each child to find the first letter of their name for a fun-filled letter exploration game. For early maths, you could lay the numbers out with counters and ask each child to add the correct number of counters next to the glitter number. Activities such as these are a fantastic way to inspire active learning and develop a knowledge foundation to build on.


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