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Rainbow Architect Arches

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Our Rainbow Architect Arches are made from beautiful smooth solid beechwood with a natural woodgrain finish in the seven different colours of the rainbow. The arches nest together as a set with the inner block being a solid 3D semicircle. This shape set will allow your child to unlock their creativity and innovation.

Learning through play, the nesting set can be used to compliment the design and construct of towers, sculptures or create homes for small world play people or animals, whilst encouraging and developing mathematical logic to sort the shapes by colour or size; exploring size and scale; using mathematical language (larger, smaller, taller, wider) and for improving language skills and descriptive vocabulary.

Try using with our Natural Architect Panels!

Nursery World Awards 2019
Described as an "outstanding" resource with "endless" learning opportunities, these sets were used in one of the settings to build different objects, nest together and colour match, and produced lots of "rich language, moving and handling and collaborative play".

The smooth edges are safe for younger children, and a child with special educational needs in one setting loved them, and said "rainbow" for all of them because of the colours. Testers commended the open-endedness of the product and their value for exploring a range of concepts - colour, size, shapes, curved and straight - as well as how shapes fit together.

A very "versatile and open-ended resource" [said] one setting whose children used them to create patterns and design rooms which they filled with small-world play people and furniture. The shapes are also useful for helping the children to learn colours, shapes and sizes and use mathematical terminology such as "larger", "smaller, "taller" and "wider", which is great for broadening their descriptive vocabulary.

"I would definitely recommend them to other settings - and they are a timeless resource that we look forward to using with the children for many years to come!" enthused one tester.

Set includes: 7 wooden arches.
Size: Largest arch H 7.3cm x L 14.8cm x W 4cm.
Age: Suitable from 12 months.
Product Code: 73412

Customer Reviews

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Perfect toy to grow with baby

Not too big, not to small, and all 7 colours of the rainbow. Excellent value and quality. The texture of the wood can still be seen through the vibrant colours too. My 4 month old loves the rainbow arches already. For her age, the pieces are a perfect size for grasping, exploring upside down by knocking and watching them wobble and spin. As baby grows I can see it will get a lot of love and use!

Thank you so much for sharing with us! Its wonderful to hear how these are a great size for your baby