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Perception Cubes

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Our tickit® Perception Cubes are an exciting sensory product with eight different clear coloured cubes and a smooth and tactile feel.

Younger children will love touching them as part of sensory play or part of a treasure basket assortment. Older children can use them to explore the world around them by holding them up to the light to experience different hues of colour and perceptions of objects from different distorted angles.

Holding two or more cubes together will create new colour combinations and hues; whilst using the cubes on a light panel or against a window to capture natural light will exaggerate and enhance the magic of colour mixing.

Children can stack the cubes to form towers or incorporate them with other materials and resources to create small world settings.

Set includes: 8 cubes with activity guide.
Size: 3.5cm x 3.5cm
Age: Suitable for all ages.
Product Code: 72608

Customer Reviews

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Cathy O
My 2nd set!

The children love these super shiny cubes so much that I took advantage of the sale to get a second set! I still wish that they came in more light colours and no dark colours, as the whole point of these is to see through them. A light green, light blue and light purple would be amazing. I actually had a set of resin cubes made up to add more colours, but they ended up all uneven sizes and not very translucent. So because nobody else makes these but you, I've come back! These cubes are used and loved so much that a second set will be very useful - now all the windows in our wooden castles can look like stained glass!


I bought the Tickit perception cubes to use alongside our other translucent cubes and blocks and wooden block sets from German companies, to see how they would all compare and work together. Of all of them, I think the Tickit perception cubes work the best with our Grimms wooden blocks, as they are almost the same size as the wooden 4cm cubes. We have been using them mostly as windows in our builds. They reflect the light beautifully and bring a new dimension to our wooden builds. I wish there were more than 8 blocks in the Tickit set, as the children love them so much! I also wish there were more colours (and no dark colours), the dark bottle green is not loved too much here as you can't see through it as much. A set of 12 different colours would be great. The children have been enjoying stacking them up, decorating our wooden palace builds with them and using them to look through at bugs, books and the world. They are super clear and translucent, much more so than the Bauspiel Lucent Cubes. Very high quality, solid and fairly heavy. They look like glass. We are thinking of getting the crystal treasures next!

Thank you for such an inspiring review of our Perception Cubes, it's lovely to hear about your creative and imaginative play activities. We've passed your request for more blocks / colours in the range onto our product development team ‍♀️