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Perception Semispheres

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tickit® Perception Semispheres are great for sensory play and come in eight different clear colours with a smooth tactile surface.

Younger children will enjoy exploring the feel and shape of the semispheres or adding them to a treasure basket collection.

Older children can use them to experience the world around them in tinted colours and in magnified vision. Placing a semisphere on top of other objects magnifies it by 4 or 5 times to create an enlarged colourful perception.

Combining semispheres together creates new colours and hues; whilst using them with a Light Panel will further enhance the sensory experience of light and colour mixing.

Practical Pre-School Awards 2015
"Our children loved them! Frozen in water play or in trays with objects to look at through them - our children have enjoyed playing with them. They are a good investment for a childcare setting. Our children loved looking through them and then rolling them. Excellent for a child with SEN."

Set includes: 8 semispheres with activity guide.
Size: 5cm diameter.
Age: Suitable for all ages.
Product Code: 72602

Customer Reviews

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Incredibly open ended!😀

I bought a set of these sometime ago and I'm just coming back to review them. They are quite large and very translucent like glass. They have a nice solid weight to them. The children prefer the lighter colours - the darker ones don't get played with so much, and the children squabble over who gets the lighter colours - they love the yellow and pink! So this would be much better as a larger set with more light colours in it. They are great for decorating wooden block constructions and as open ended small world pieces - our children have pretended they are giant mushrooms, jellies or cakes, or put them upside down in bowls for pretend soup or drinks. They are not quite as useful as the cubes for actually building, though they look great on top of pillars to decorate wooden block palaces. But they do add extra imagination to our small world play. One use we have found for them is as pretend lights, so we might place a row of them along a pathway as solar lights to a wooden block dwelling, or place them inside a wooden tea light holder to simulate a room light for our toys. The children also enjoy putting them on the end of a torch to make coloured beams of light. They could do with being slightly smaller to be more useful.