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Sensory Rainbow Glitter Balls

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The tickit® Sensory Rainbow Glitter Ball Set is a magical sensory ball set containing seven colourful balls containing sparkling stardust which swirls around with the movement of the balls to captivate your child's imagination. Great for your child to hold, roll or bounce!

Practical Pre-School Awards 2017
"The children were able to carry them, even though they are quite heavy, so the physical development and building muscle strength was good. They rolled them to each other and the sensory elements and colours worked very well with an autistic child. They used them for different purposes, e.g. for 'treasure' and they loved watching the glitter move around inside the balls."

Set includes: 7 glitter balls (red, silver, gold, green, blue, pink & purple).
Size: 6.5cm diameter.
Age: Suitable from 12 months.
Product Code: 92098

Customer Reviews

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Lesley Burton
Excellent visual and sensory Balls

A super set of 7 rubbery glittery balls. Ideal for circle time and calming as children shake the ball and watch the coloured glitter settle.
Also good for turntaking and ball games as tough and durable.