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Holly's Phonics

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Developed with an experienced educational specialist, this beautiful phonics game is designed to help children reinforce their phonics knowledge in a fun and enjoyable way*.

The aim is to match the picture tiles with the word tiles. The dots and dashes (‘sound buttons’) under each word help children to segment the words into sounds so they can blend the sounds to read the word. If the bars on the front of the word tile line up with the bars on the front of the picture tile, it’s a match! Encourage children to sound out the word on the tile before matching the bars.

Why not try using it as a memory matching game? Flip the tiles over and try to find picture-word tile pairs from memory. The tiles can also be used for sorting into different categories:
- picture tiles by colour, animals, objects, people, places
- word tiles by starting sound, rhyming sounds or ending sounds.

*Holly’s Phonics is based upon the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme, which is widely used across UK primary schools. It would be suitable for children who may not have passed the Phonics Check in Year One or those who are struggling with phonics in Year Two. The words have been carefully chosen to align with L&S Phase Two and this set has tiles for every single GPC in this Phase. Whether you’re teaching L&S, Jolly Phonics or Read Write Inc., Holly’s Phonics will reinforce phonics learning and the application to reading.

Set includes: 40 wooden blocks and an activity guide.
Size: W 7cm x L 7cm x D 1cm.
Age: Suitable from 12 months.
Product Code: 73468