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Sensory Reflective Mystery Balls

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tickit® Sensory Reflective Mystery Balls are tactile and reflective and all six balls have their own mysterious and individual characteristics so each one behaves differently. They may wobble or twist when rolled along the floor, there may be two silent balls but one can't move in a straight line! The balls might feel odd when twisted, spun or shaken as they each have different things inside, and some will make shaker and rattle sounds that are high, low, quieter or louder. The reflective mirrored surface allows your child to experience a crazy distorted reality as though looking through a wide angled lens.

The stainless steel construction makes them robust and highly durable with a premium feel, whilst still being lightweight for your child to easily carry and hold them. They are chemical free with no toxins and are ultra hygienic with their non-porous and naturally bacteria resistant qualities.

Your child will enjoy making funny faces as they watch their stretched reflection in the surface and will find the way light reflects at different angles from the curved surfaces curious and interesting. A great way to inspire creative learning through play and encourage imagination and language skills. The different sounds are particularly appealing to children with SEND and budding scientists who want to discover why different materials can create different sounds and movements.

Set includes: 6 stainless steel balls.
Size: 10cm diameter.
Age: Suitable for all ages.
Product Code: 72203