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Talking Tubes® Telephone Exchange

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Part of our best-selling and award-winning Talking Tubes range, the tickit® Talking Tubes Telephone Exchange allows your child to create an ultimate telecommunications system! It can be used both indoors and outdoors to develop your child's communication and interpersonal skills. Strong, hollow, flexible yellow tubing with handsets that plug into the ends allows children to pass a message to each other across multiple networks and distances; between different rooms, in an outdoor space or between an indoor and outdoor environment. Your child will have so much fun talking to their friends through this innovative air powered device and learning how sound travels. The tubes all have rubber ends so the handsets and connectors can easily be pushed into place and pulled apart to create new configurations. Tubes can be buried underground to create secret communication devices.

tickit® Talking Tubes® is a patented design, made from strong durable plastic making it easy to clean.

Practical Pre-School Awards 2011
"Bright and colourful, fun, both indoors and out! The Talking Tubes® caused great excitement and were used in a variety of ways: in dens, under tables, round corners and in the garden. The phones were easy to build and simple to fit together, even for young children. A great tool for communication and social skills and for extending language, they helped to encourage reluctant talkers."

Set includes: 8 handsets (4 red, 4 blue), 12 connectors, 3 x 3-metre lengths and 12 x 1-metre lengths of tubing.
Size: Tubing L 1m and L 3m. Handset L 20cm.
Age: Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
Warning: Strangulation hazard. Long cord.
Product Code: 73956