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Talking Tubes® Who's Speaking, Who's Listening

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Part of our best-selling and award-winning Talking Tubes® range the tickit® Talking Tubes Who's Speaking, Who's Listening set allows your child to create a telecommunications game! It can be used both indoors and outdoors to develop your child's communication and interpersonal skills. Six strong, hollow, flexible coloured tubes with six handsets that plug into a central hub, allowing children to converse with each other within a group activity and engage in turn-taking games. When somebody speaks everyone can hear what they are saying. Included in the set are six blindfolds so your child can play exciting games such as: Chinese whispers, describe an object and guess what it is, use a funny voice to disguise who you are so the others can 'guess who's talking.'

Your child will have so much fun talking to their friends through this innovative air powered device and learning how sound travels.

tickit® Talking Tubes® is a patented design, made from strong durable plastic making it easy to clean.

Set includes: 6 handsets, 6 x 1.5-metre lengths of tubing, 1 connecting hub and 6 blindfolds.
Size: Tubing L 1.5m. Handset L 20cm. Blindfold L 17.5cm x H 8.5cm.
Age: Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
Warning: Strangulation hazard. Long cord.
Product Code: 73970