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Wooden Treasures Super Set

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Support your child through their holistic journey of development with our nature inspired tickit® Wooden Treasures Super Set.

A beautiful set of smooth colourful wooden treasures that will enable your child to discover the wonders of learning through play. These simple and intriguing items will bring out your child's naturally inquisitive nature; allowing them to use their limitless imagination to explore ways to incorporate the items into imaginative play and learn about the world around them.

The attractive natural woodgrain can be seen through the colour shade which freely allows for open interpretation, with no 'correct' way of using these objects; the items can be explored and investigated and used in your child's own creative ideas. Perfect for engaging logical thought, stimulating discovery and creativity, developing hand-eye co-ordination and improving fine motor skills. The set can be used to create pictures and stories, practise counting and sorting and designing patterns and sequences.

Each of the 14 different treasures comes in 3 shades of 7 organic colours symbolising emotions and senses:
- 30 droplets & 30 cones in 3 shades of green representing physical healing, nature & caring.
- 30 pickles & 30 tokens in 3 shades of purple representing spirituality.
- 30 toggles & 30 jewels in 3 shades of red representing strength, energy & love.
- 30 planets & 30 hoops in 3 shades of orange representing creativity, self-awareness & transformation.
- 30 boulders & 30 acorns in 3 shades of yellow representing wisdom, learning & happiness.
- 30 nelsons & 30 egglets in 3 shades of blue representing emotional healing, calm & inner peace.
- 30 mushrooms & 30 stones in 3 shades of brown representing stability and comfort.

Pair with our tickit® Rainbow Wooden Loose Parts & Architect ranges for extra discovery and fun!

Set includes: 420 coloured wooden treasures supplied in a cotton drawstring storage bag.
Size: Approx. 3.5cm - 4cm.
Age: Not suitable for children under 3 years old.
Warning: Choking hazard. Contains small parts.
Product Code: 74049

Customer Reviews

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Jenny Lowe
These really are wooden treasures

We received the super set a few days ago and have used them every day since. We have explored the colours, the shades, held them, rolled them. We've also made pictures from them related to our jooks- for example, a garden scene. The natural colours and shades lend themselves well to this. These treasures are a great investment as they'll literally last through a lifetime of play as even I love playing with them!! They're just beautiful and the perfect resource for open ended play, developing imaginations, tactile and sensory play and colour play.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! We love hearing how you have used our Wooden Treasures