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Easter Eggstravaganza: Play the tickit way this Spring!

Easter Eggstravaganza: Play the tickit way this Spring!

Spring has sprung, and with it comes the prospect of warmer weather, longer days, flowers starting to bloom… and Easter eggs! There is no better time to move your play outside and enjoy the added sensory experience Spring provides as nature wakes up from its winter sleep. We have everything you need at tickit to create a fun-filled, creative Easter break that will inspire creativity and open-ended play.

1. Colour Match Egg Hunt:

Have you seen our tickit Rainbow Wooden Eggs and Egg Cups? They are beautifully solid and natural, perfect for creating a colour matching egg hunt. Hide the colourful eggs indoors or outside, give your child the Rainbow Wooden Egg Cup and challenge them to find the matching Rainbow Wooden Egg.

For an active maths element, why not add other loose parts, such as Rainbow Wooden Balls & Bowls, Nuts & Bolts, Cubes and Semispheres, to the hunt and search for shapes as well as colour. You can trace around the shapes on paper before hiding them for young children, and for older children call out the shape they need to find.  

 2. Bug hunt and exploration:

Get outside this Easter: dust off the cobwebs and go on an exciting bug hunt adventure. Before you set off, make a list of minibeasts you hope to find and pack your Easy Hold Magnifier, Wooden Hand Lens, Rainbow Viewers, Translucent Colour Viewers or Clear Bug Viewer so you can study these magnificent little creatures up close. When you return why not use the tickit Minibeast Blocks to discuss the minibeasts you found in greater detail. These are a fantastic resource for opening conversation about minibeast habitats and our picture block sets are sturdy enough to stand up, so are perfect for creating displays and focused play areas.

tickit Rainbow Viewers

3. Decorating Eggs on Light Panels:

Easter wouldn't be complete without the classic tradition of egg decorating. To create a focused and calm environment you could use tickit light panels and light panel cover as a canvas! The light-up surface enhances the vibrant colours showcasing the artistic masterpieces bring an added sensory play element to the activity. tickit Light Panel Covers are robust and easy to clean so bring out the glitter, paint, stickers, and glue and embrace your inner Picasso. The result? A stunning display of unique Easter eggs that will be cherished long after the celebrations.

 tickit Light Panel and Cover

4. Creating an at-home theatre:

As the evening draws in inspire your children to unleash their inner storyteller and promote descriptive language by creating a mini ambient theatre with tickit's Sensory Mood Lights or any other light source you have to hand as a backdrop. Encourage them to design their own Easter-themed puppets – bunnies, chicks, and maybe even a mischievous Easter egg! As the lights go down, let the enchanting tales unfold. It's a magical experience that combines creativity with the joy of storytelling.

tickit Sensory Mood Lights

We hope your Easter is filled with laughter, creativity, and sensory delight. Whether it's a colour match egg hunt, telling enchanting tales, Easter egg decorating, or even a minibeast hunt, the opportunities for learning through play are endless. So, gather your little bunnies and get ready for an Easter celebration that goes beyond the ordinary. Happy Easter! 🐰🌷 


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