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Small space toys for big imaginations

Small space toys for big imaginations

Here at tickit we understand that not everyone will have a dedicated room or space for toys, and while we want to provide an inspiring area for our children, we don’t necessarily want to feel like we are living in a playroom once the small ones are in bed! This is why we are dedicated to creating products that are aesthetically pleasing, multi-use and compact, meaning that you can easily regain your space. We believe that toys should be as enticing to adults as they are children because we should never grow out of open-ended play. If an adult is intrigued by a product, they are more likely to want to be part of the fun, inspiring further ways to play and encouraging children to be curious. We know children are keen observers, and they learn by mimicking the behaviours of adults around them. When children witness adults engaging in play, they internalise the idea that playing is not restricted to childhood, that it's acceptable and valuable to prioritise fun amongst the demands of everyday life. It also allows us to communicate with children on their level, strengthening bonds and developing trust.

Here are a few of our top tickit compact products:

Discovery Dividers

These solid wooden dividers slot together to create a small world play scene, large enough for group play. Choose between Town, Castle, Space or Jurassic and add items such as Seasonal Woodland Trees, Enchanted Figures, Dinosaur Blocks or Rainbow Wooden Community Figures to create your own playscape!

These then fold flat, perfect for storing against a wall, under a sofa or on top of a bookshelf. To elevate your play further, these fit perfectly within the tickit Sensory Mood Discovery Table. This table provides up to 10 hours of captivating light from an 8-hour charge. During the day it can be used as a base for your dividers or for sensory and messy play. Its waterproof top is easily cleaned so after a quick wipe over it is ready to be your evening coffee (or even cocktail) table!


Woodland Trail Tree House & Woodland Trail Set

Any space, no matter what size, can be transformed into a magical woodland adventure with our new Woodland Trail Tree House. Designed by the tickit toy team to inspire the imagination and adsorb the user in creative play, this tree house slots together to create a multi-platform small-world play base. It comes complete with woodland characters and combines perfectly with our Woodland Trail Set for extended play. When it is time to pack away the games, simply take your tree house apart and store flat. Your Woodland Trail Set can then be packed away in the compact wooden storage box it comes in, transforming your space back into an adult sanctuary- although we cannot guarantee you’ll want to stop playing 😉


Rainbow Wooden Shape Stacker

This toy is so beautiful you won’t want to pack it away! It is small and compact but offers layers of fun within. Inside the 7 wooden rainbow-coloured panels hide 12 tactile wooden shapes.

This fascinating educational toy is suitable from birth and will be used for years as there are so many ways to play.

It can be a puzzle as each shape only fits in a particular spot, perfect for developing fine motor skills and logical thinking through play. For younger children try laying out each panel so they can practise placing the correct shape into the correlating cut out. For older children, and parents, try timing how quickly you can take the puzzle toy apart and put it back together. We promise you it will become a family-favourite game that challenges you every time!

The beautiful natural wooden shapes make fantastic loose parts, and a tool for early maths exploration as you discuss the name and properties of each shape. They can be drawn around and used with play dough, clay or sand as a stamper. Again, reinforcing early maths terminology and understanding through play.

Lay out the rainbow panels and use as a base for colour matching games, toys such as our Rainbow Wooden Stars would work well with this activity. Place the chunky, colourful wooden stars around the room and ask the children to collect them and place them on the correct colour panel. Perfect for learning through active play, plus the wooden stars come in a lovely tickit cotton bag for storage.

At the end of the day, when the play is over this will look lovely displayed on a shelf and could even make a useful bookend!


Wooden Treasure Sorting Set

The tickit Wooden Treasures range has been hugely popular since its launch in 2020 because of their open-ended nature and the many avenues for learning they provide. They are tactile and fascinating and can be used for activities from counting and sorting to art and pattern making. Our compact Wooden Treasures Sorting Set offers a selection of our key pieces in fantastic colours, all in a handy sorting tray for added play opportunities and storage. The transparent lid means children can see straight away what it contains when selecting their toys, and it can also be used as a base for pattern making. The tray itself can be used separately for nature exploration. As it is so lightweight, sturdy and compact, why not take it on walks to collect natural items such as acorns, leaves and moss? These can then be taken home for greater discussion and even left on display- they will be kept safe with the clear acrylic sliding lid.


In summary, don’t let your space dictate how you play! Make use of toys that offer many different opportunities for active learning, toys that are beautiful and inspire creative minds while also being easily stored away. These will allow you to create and recreate fascinating and enriching environments that are different and unique every single day.






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